SAT II and AP Subject Exams

The SAT II and AP Subject exams are some of the most difficult tests a student will face outside of college. Both of them, though, can be very necessary for acceptance to some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. Our tutors are only able to teach to these tests if they are certified as being extremely competent in the subject matter and strategies necessary for any student to do exceedingly well. Whether your child is working with one variety of exam or both, we'll make sure that he or she is well-prepared and confident come test-day. 

The SAT II Subject Tests

  • On an 800 point scale
  • Offered alongside the SAT I typically
  • Shorter, simpler than AP Exams

The SAT II tests are subject-based, and include most school subjects (Math, History, Writing, Languages, etc.). To do well with them a student will need three a thorough knowledge of the tests' content, a strong grasp of time management skills, and a sense of how to prioritize his or her work. Because these exams are offered alongside the SAT I exam, we have the opportunity to take them more than once if necessary. We'll work with you and your student to determine a timeline for these tests, including a diagnostic examination, a plan for study and tutoring, and support all the way up to and through test-day. 

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The AP Exams

  • On a 5 point scale
  • Offered only in May of each year
  • Lengthier and more complex than SAT IIs

The AP Exams are the top of the heap when it comes to subject tests. They are recommended, typically, only students who have or will have completed the relevant AP courses beforehand. However, if a significant score (a 4 or 5) is the goal, then prep work should start well before the class has concluded. Students will need to have mastered an academic year's worth of material for each test. As such, we start with a diagnostic examination to learn what your child does and does not know, and create a personal plan of study to make sure that he or she is confident, competent, and ready to crush the exam come test-day. 


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