SAT and ACT College Admissions Exams

Our standardized test prep programs offer flexible, customized plans for students in service of achieving their goals.  We incorporate a host of Executive Functioning strategies in planning and coaching, to support higher-order thinking, self-confidence, strategic decision-making, and test-taking efficiency that ensure students' optimal preparation.  Our test-prep coaches, the student, and parents work together through joint efforts and regular communication to ensure progress and accountability.

The SAT Exam

  • More time per question than the ACT
  • More Math than the ACT
  • On a 1600 point scale

The SAT still reigns as the exam students are generally more familiar with throughout California. Having taken the PSAT, most students are at least somewhat comfortable with the format of the exam and have a sense of the content. A strong score on the SAT will require strong content knowledge, an understanding of how its questions and answers are structured, and an ability to filter through small details. While it offers more time per question than the ACT, it asks for more investment from students as well. Our tutors know and understand this, and with our help we'll ensure your child goes into the test competent, confident, and ready for what the College Board presents.


The ACT Exam

  • More straightforward questions and answers than SAT
  • Longer than the SAT
  • On a 36 point scale

While the SAT reinvented itself in March, 2016, the ACT has remained very much the same over the years. The SAT was once the favorite test of the East and West coasts, but now the ACT has assumed that title, as more students take it in California and other states, than before. While students may have less experience with the test initially, colleges no longer play favorites between these tests. For students taking the ACT, we want to ensure that there's a strong grasp of content, an excellent sense of timing and question priorities, and a solid level of mental endurance. Our tutors offer personalized strategies, methods for coping with the lengthy duration of the test, and, of course, excellent insights into the content within each section.


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