Working Together to Serve the Community

Meyers Learning Center enjoys collaborating with service providers in the community who share our passion for supporting students and families. We welcome referrals and partnerships with schools, nonprofit organizations, parenting programs, educational testers, therapists, college counselors, athletic coaches, and religious organizations.

Ideal Referrals for Us to Receive

We serve students from kindergarten to college, in academic subjects as well as Executive Functioning Skill-building through hands-on, dynamic coaching and tutoring partnerships.  Parents and professionals know us for our excellent tutoring and coaching services for elementary, middle and high school subjects, as well as collegiate expertise.  We serve students with diverse learning profiles, from mainstream to gifted, neurotypical to neurodiverse, those diagnosed with learning differences and those without.  What matters most to us is each unique student and meeting his or her needs in the best way possible. If we can't do that, we strive to help them find a resource who can.

Referrals We Provide

Parents often ask us for referrals to great therapists, college counselors, educational testers, and educational advocates.  We keep a current list of exceptional service providers serving various geographies and share referrals when appropriate.  We love to collaborate and share referrals with professionals who care deeply about quality, integrity, and service, like we do. If you're interested, please reach out to us so we can learn more. 

Request a Free Consultation

To learn more about how Meyers Learning Center can specifically help your child succeed academically, request a free consultation. Please let us know more about your student, and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. Please note required (*) information.