Students, parents, professionals and tutors have much to share about their Meyers Learning Center experiences. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve the community.  Please see below to learn more about what sets us apart. 

Teka, Headmaster of a Private Middle School
“I am very confident in Meyers Learning Center…you are always my first recommendation to parents."

Carolyn, Principal of a Private School
"I am the principal at a private school in Silicon Valley, and we have been using Meyers Learning Center's expertise and teaching skills for the past 3 years.  Ali Meyers has taught a Time Management/Organization/Study Skills Course to our intermediate and upper grades and it has paid off significantly.  Ali has instant rapport with the students, always comes organized, and shows great enthusiasm in her interactions with the classes.  We also frequently ask MLC to participate in our Parent Education Nights as they offer timely and specific ways parents can work with their child to improve organization and study skills.  I highly recommend MLC."

Bill, Middle School Teacher, participant in school EF Program
“In my advanced years I learned so much about myself and how I should work on my Time Management. Thank you so much for your efforts in helping all of us. I appreciated your time, effort and commitment in helping these girls and boys become better prepared with their own time management issues. I hope we get to talk again, for you taught me well through your lesson plans and I will become a better teacher, adviser, mentor and coach because of this experience.”

Kim, PTA Council Parent Education Coordinator
“I attended a presentation of Ali's on time management and organizational skills. Ali received very positive evaluations from the attendees...and also attracted a large crowd of grateful parents. On a more personal note, I learned some helpful strategies that I am still using today--Ali made a positive difference in my life, and I can think of no higher praise than that. Things run more smoothly in our home, thanks to her wisdom…any parent would benefit from her insights.”

Brendan, Neuropsychologist
"I work as a child psychologist, and I am always looking for excellent resources for children. Meyers Learning Center has provided tutorial support for dozens of children that I have referred over the past seven years. They do particularly well with organization, time management, study skills and test taking strategies. I know Ali and Adam, and they have introduced me to several of their tutors over the years. They are highly educated, compassionate and dedicated professionals. I have also recommended them to local schools where they have provided trainings to teachers. The clients I have sent have been thrilled with the progress their children have made. I would highly recommend them!"

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Beth, Mother of 9th grader
“You are an extraordinary human being. I had no idea you provided so much careful consideration and focus for [my daughter]. I love the goal sheet and the honesty required to attain the goals. What a great idea. I'd be a more successful person today if you had been my tutor!”

Danielle, Mother of 6th grader
“It is helping our family SO much by having you help out. You are helping our family dynamics and my stress level TREMENDOUSLY!" 

Sharon, Mother of 4th grader 
“You must have ‘the magic touch’ because [my son’s] unsolicited comment upon your departure was ‘she’s excellent!”

Michael, Father of 12th grader
“We have seen a significant improvement in his study habits since you began helping him. He is more organized and focused…. He even keeps his room cleaner. His GPA turned around by the end of last year and it’s been good enough to get him accepted to two of his reach schools! Thanks again!”

Dana, Mother of 8th grader
“It is so wonderful that you are such a great resource to [my child’s] school and have shared your guidance, expertise and knowledge, through which the whole community benefits. Thank you so much!

Liz, Mother of 7th grader
“I appreciate all of your knowledge and time. You have shared much of yourself with [my daughter].  You never seemed rushed or stressed when you arrive. You have the uncanny ability to make her feel that she is the only student that you work with…an amazing gift! Your spirit is positive and caring…two essential components to success!”

Mary, Mother of 8th grader
“You are amazing and know how to motivate! Many thanks.”

Jodie, Mother of 10th grader
“I wanted to drop you a note expressing my thanks and gratitude for all your efforts with [my son]. You have done an excellent job teaching him the skills to become more productive and efficient in his study skills. When I asked yesterday if he was sad to end his tutoring with you, he immediately answered yes. While he feels you have taught him the skills he needs, he said he was going to miss working with you. This says it all.” 

Vicki, Mother of 6th grader
“I think you are an outstanding tutor and human being. Thanks for helping us.”

Alexis, Mother of 5th grader
“Your work with [my son] has been helping him in so many ways.  This is straight from his mouth.  I also see it in his school work.  He proudly came home yesterday and showed me a full page of notes he took on his history book…he did an awesome job.  That, a few months back, would never have happened. Best of all, he feels competent and proud.  I can really see how, as he develops some mastery in these areas, the positive feedback he gets will spur him on to more of the same kind of work.  He absolutely loves his time with you.  Thanks from all of us!”

Candance, Mother of 11th grader
“You're a miracle worker!”

Ellen, Mother of 1st grader
“I am so happy with the work our MLC tutor has been doing with [my daughter]! She has made a ton of progress in math. If you ever need a recommendation I am willing to gush about how great our experience has been.”

Becky, Mother of 9th and 11th graders
“Thank you so much for helping [our sons] this year. Your tutors have both exceeded our expectations! [Our older son] got a special award in geometry at Palo Alto High School last week. What an accomplishment! [Our younger son] had his triennial IEP last week, and he will continue to take all mainstream classes next year. Both boys have been able to succeed with support from your Center. Thank you so much.”
Anaya, Mother of 12th grader
“I am packing you into the college suitcase!”

Teri, Mother of 7th and 4th graders
“I just wanted to call and gush about your tutoring....I know our tutor is a special person, but…the other folks you employ are of similar caliber. I just really appreciate you guys….if you ever need a reference or a letter written, please let me know. I would sit down and write an essay for you guys. Thank you so much.”

Cindy, Mother of 3rd grader
“We have nothing but positive things to say about how the entire process went. Thank you for all of your help.”

Chen, Mother of 8th grader
“[Our son] loves his tutor!  She is very patient and calm.  He has had several  "aha!" moments with her, where he just beams when he "gets it."  We couldn't be happier and can't thank you enough for putting them together!”

Pat, Mother of 11th grader
“Not only have you developed a deep understanding and recognition of [my son’s] weaknesses, devised a comprehensive strategy for instruction, but you have managed to incorporate strategies that address his learning differences. By doing so, you continue to fulfill your commitment to him and to the implementation of the learning strategies recommended by his educational psychologist. Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

Erin, Mother of 3rd grader
“You are an amazing educator, focusing on both the IQ and EQ."

Lisa, Mother of 7th and 10th graders
“I have been using Meyers Learning Center for my kids for over 6 years now and I highly recommend them.  Both of them have needed extra help off and on with Math, Essay Writing and Physics.  All of the tutors that we have used have been outstanding.  Each one has been professional, kind, caring and they are all people that I feel comfortable having in my home, working one on one with my child.  Ali, Adam and their team make sure that your child is matched with someone appropriate for them and their needs and always follow through to make sure that the match is still working as time goes on.” 
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6th grader
“You’ve been a great tutor … My confidence has gotten better and my homework is easier.”

7th grader
“This is fun!”

5th grader
“You taught me very much over the past year. You taught me how to take notes and writing strategies. You also helped me with my homework. I have improved my organization skills because of you. You really helped me. I'll miss you!”

11th grader
“Thank you again. You are invaluable.”

12th grader
“Thank you for your endless support during my years at Castilleja school. Each meeting has been a joy. You allowed me to connect my thoughts with my words, a skill that will serve me well throughout the rest of my life.... I have been so lucky to have you as a tutor and as a friend. I certainly would not have had as wonderful school experience as I did without you.”

9th grader
“Thank you! I think this workshop helped me a lot to prepare for school and now I know what I need to do for myself to make my school year easier and less stressful.”

7th grader
“It was a great workshop! Keep it up. I enjoyed it.”

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MLC Tutor (former high school teacher and college professor)
“I think you have put together a bang-up operation, characterized by caring, clear communication, and conscientious preparation. MLC’s training was the best I've ever had in an educational setting. I'm proud and honored to work for you.”

MLC Tutor
My experience working for and witnessing the magic of Meyers Learning Center was amazing. Ali and Adam are committed to helping kids and making their business a wonderful place to work. The tutors feel inspired and empowered to use their instincts and skills in order to help each student as individuals. There are very few tutoring centers following this individualized model that also have so much heart, experience, and integrity. They truly care about kids and their progress as learners, and families feel it. I can't endorse them enough.

MLC Tutor
“It helps to be a star when you are in the right galaxy. You guys are awesome!”

MLC Tutor
“I can't believe it's my 3 year anniversary with you guys. It has been such a wonderful time of growth for me and of learning what it's like to be treated as a valuable part of a great team. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

MLC Tutor
“I know I said this before, but I don't know what else to say. Working for MLC is such a rewarding job. I can see my students improving. My students appreciate my help. And I get paid for having so much fun. Thanks heaps.”

MLC Tutor
“MLC has been one of my favorite places to work.  I’m astonished at the sheer amount of hard work and care that goes into keeping everything running!"

MLC Tutor
“You are all rocks stars…I just wanted to thank you for three years of tutoring bliss. I will forever hold you up as the standard of successful entrepreneurs with high ideals and ethical standards.”

MLC Tutor
“Thanks to what I learned during my time at MLC, I've been able to educate a lot of kids about the TMOSS principles. I love teaching that stuff!”

MLC Tutor
“Even though I live and work in the East Bay now, I enjoy the positive and supportive atmosphere of Meyers too much to look for a tutoring center with a shorter commute.”

MLC Tutor
“I appreciate your support and confidence.  As I've tried to express before, you and Adam have created an exceptional educational service.  Your ethos, passion, progressive practices and family orientation put you at the top.  I am proud to work with you."
MLC Tutor
I feel very lucky to be part of the MLC team. I couldn’t have asked for a better work family :)  Thank you for the trust you have put in me all these years and for being such good mentors to me.

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