Executive Function Coaching

Executive Functioning (EF) is a set of coordinated cognitive processes that help us manage our thinking, planning, and actions to achieve our goals.  It involves critical skills such as goal-setting, time management, organization, task initiation and execution, self-regulation, and meta-cognition. This developmental learning process extends across academic subject areas and helps students become more independent, competent learners.  We are passionate about teaching EF skills.

Meet our Tutors

Jennifer Felcher

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan.  She has taught students ranging from first through eighth grade levels.  Jennifer currently teaches fifth grade at Stratford School.  She has experience supporting students who have learning differences and emotional difficulties.  Jennifer is an educator with patience, positivity, and enthusiasm who strives to make subject matter engaging for her students in a structured, yet nurturing way.  She places a priority on building relationships with her students, which serves the tutoring process and assists in the achievement of high, attainable goals.  In her free time, Jennifer enjoys reading and staying active through running and being outdoors.

Peggy Kahn

Peggy holds a Master of Arts from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas (Austin).  She brings 40 years of teaching experience in Language Arts.  She has taught all high school grade levels and multiple courses, from introductory English to American Literature, to Writing for College.  She also worked with groups of students after school to prepare for the rigors of SAT and AP exams.  Peggy served as the chair of the English Language Development program for ten years.  She brings an enthusiasm for education to her relationships with students, creating lessons that focus on each student’s unique learning abilities.  Peggy understands the importance of working together with parents and teachers to ensure the tutoring experience makes a difference in the student’s academic success.

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