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What to do?
Parents often ask for ideas regarding summer activities for their kids. We’re blessed with a plethora of options in the Bay Area, which can make us feel both free to choose and simultaneously overwhelmed with the array of options. Should we ply them with academics? Ban textbooks? Schedule week-by-week or follow the radical notion of a “free-range” summer, with nothing planned? There’s no single right answer. of course; it’s about finding what’s right for your family.

Academics During Summer “Vacation”?
Parents make a variety of decisions regarding academic work during summer. From an educational standpoint, “summer learning loss” is a real phenomenon, confirmed through multiple research studies. Students have been shown to experience learning losses (think of a muscle that atrophies without use) when they disengage entirely from educational activities in the summertime. On the other hand, well-meaning parents who push kids into academically-intensive summer programs may find themselves fighting losing battles—with their children, their goals, and detrimental effects on perceptions of learning (i.e., burnout).

While kids benefit from engagement with learning over the summer, we need to be mindful about the time and tone of those activities. If you’re considering enrolling your child in an academic program, explore camps with a split day (morning academics and afternoon traditional “camp” activities). If your child needs remediation or tutoring to fill in knowledge gaps from the school year or improve upon a low grade in a high school course, plan for plenty of down-time and recreation outside of academics. Create balance in the schedule so your child can explore passions, get lost in reverie, and experience the sweet opportunity of boredom (from whence innovation hatches)!

If academics will be part of your child's summer, check out what we're offering at Meyers Learning Center:

One-to-One Tutoring
We provide high quality one-to-one support for children needing to catch-up (it's a great time for intensive remediation of skills), make-up (for students struggling to finish a course during the academic year or finding themselves with an "Incomplete"), preview (to build knowledge and confidence for a course they're taking in the fall), review (for retention and greater mastery), or expand knowledge (great for students seeking enrichment in any academic area).

(REGISTRATION CLOSED) Executive Functioning "Back to School Bootcamps"
We will also offer our popular Executive Functioning "Back to School Bootcamps" in August, for middle schoolers and high schoolers. These workshops cover high-impact topics in time management, organization, and study skills. Click here for list of Bootcamps, and click here for Registration.

(REGISTRATION CLOSED) College Essay Writing Workshop for Rising Seniors
Do you know someone who's applying to college this fall? Enroll your student in our dynamic, interactive workshop (click here for Details, click here for Registration Form) which will lead students through critical phases of their college essay writing process: essay question selection, brainstorming, thought organization + outlining, and beginning drafting, plus tips for revision and polishing (—upon completion of essay after the workshop). They will learn strategies for successful college essays writing and pitfalls to avoid in the process.

College Essay Writing One-on One Coaching
Would your student do better in a one-on-one tutoring arrangement? For college essay writing, we offer:
• A customized approach, tailoring the work to each student’s needs
• Flexible scheduling and location
• Support for students through all phases of essay writing process
• Remote sessions available

Customized Workshops
For workshops, parents initiate tutoring workshops based on their children's needs by coordinating friends, schedule, goals, and location. MLC provides the workshop, complete with our top-notch educators, valuable content, and dynamic instruction. MLC workshops are provided by request, with a minimum enrollment of three students. Sample topics include: Algebra (pre-view or review), Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, Paragraph and Essay Writing, and Executive Functioning (Time Management, Organization, and Study Skills). Click here for more information: Workshop Information

Please contact us if we can be of service to your family this summer. Wishing you fun family time and a wonderful summer!

Meet our Tutors

Fisayo Adeyeye

Fisayo holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University, Fullerton.  He has over four years of experience working as a Language Arts and Study Skills Tutor.  Fisayo has been an Artist in Residence for the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, where he taught Poetry to high school students.  As an English Instructional Assistant for the Educational Opportunity Summer Bridge Program, he worked with incoming college freshmen on their writing and reading.  He has taught study, organization, and time management skills to students at the Learning Assistance Center at San Francisco State University.  Fisayo has experience supporting a diverse set of students, including English Language Learners and students with learning difficulties.  He is currently working on a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from San Francisco State University.  Outside of tutoring, Fisayo spends time writing, reading, and making art.  A former Poetry Editor for Fourteen Hills and Co-Curator of the VelRo Graduate Reading Series, Fisayo has poems published in New American Writing, Souvenir Lit Journal, and Up the Staircase Quarterly.

Patti Colver

Patti holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Loyola Marymount University.  She also earned a Multiple Subject Credential from Notre Dame de Namur University.  Patti brings more than nine years of experience teaching children in elementary grades.  She has successfully tutored students in all subject areas from kindergarten through fourth grade, for the past thirteen years.  In addition, Patti has worked as a one-on-one aide in classroom settings with students who have learning differences (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD, and other challenges), for over eleven years.  Patti strongly believes that children benefit greatly from individualized instruction provided by a caring, patient educator.

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