Test Prep for the SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT

MLC Test Prep tutors are well-qualified to navigate the various sections of these exams. Whether your child struggles with picking up new vocabularly words, interpreting the meanings and details of reading passages, managing the significant variety of math problems, or needs some help with specific test-taking strategies, they're familiar with how to help. In the event that your child is taking more than one of these exams, be aware that there is some definite content overlap, but there will also be intricacies specific to each test that we'll want to address. Learn more below, and let us know how we can help.


  • Typically taken twice
  • Offered eight times each year
  • Can be taken multiple times

The SSAT is an exam with various levels: lower, middle, and upper. Each corresponds to a range of grades, with a majority of students focusing, ultimately, on the upper-level exam to get into the private high school of their choice. Regardless of the level, though, the same three sections will rear their heads: Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative. These skills are generally taught throughout middle school, but the manner in which they're tested and presented by the SSAT can give many students pause. Students may not know that they know how to do some of the problems if they simply adopt a new way to look at them. Whether it's an issue of content knowledge or test strategy, though, we can help your student be confident and competent come test-day - contact us today.



  • Typically taken twice
  • Offered year-round
  • Can only be taken once per four-month period

Like the SSAT, the ISEE has multiple levels to it: upper, middle, and lower. These levels are intended for a range of grades, with the upper being the one students applying to private high schools typically have to deal with. It covers Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics Achievement. These sections generally encompass much of what is learned through elementary and middle school, but, also like the SSAT, the presentation of questions and answers to students unfamiliar with standardized tests can complicate students' ability to solve problems and answer questions. Content knowledge gaps can exist, but in almost all cases it will be some test-taking strategy that is needed for students to truly excel in this exam. Connect with us today for questions you have about the ISEE and information about how we can help your student succeed.



  • Taken once
  • Typically offered in December/January
  • Used for Catholic school admissions exclusively

Finally, the HSPT is an exam that is somewhat different than the others. While it covers many of the same academic subjects and topics, it can only be taken once by students applying to private high schools. Furthermore, it offers the least amount of time per question, which makes it an exam that students may find quite stressful at times. For these reasons, having a test prep plan for the HSPT is crucial, and should include strategies that address the exam's content directly by helping students appreciate different problem types and indirectly by helping students prioritize their time and manage any stress they experience. Our tutors have been trained to incorporate some great Executive Functioning skill coaching into our HSPT prep, and we look forward to helping your child succeed on the exam. Contact us today to let us know when we can start.


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