Educational Workshops

We provide dynamic workshops for parents, teachers, organizations, and students on topics related to student learning, achievement, and Executive Functioning. Past participants have used terms such as "creative", "engaging", "practical", and "transformative" to describe our workshops.

Educational Workshop Topics

We provide customized workshops for students, parents, and schools as requested and with a minimum enrollment of three students.  Our process:

  • Parents or schools initiate workshops based on their students' needs by requesting a topic, format, and schedule. MLC develops and provides the workshop, complete with our top-notch educators, valuable content, and dynamic instruction.
  • Workshops can occur at our learning center, your home, your school, or an alternate location.
  • Cost depends on the structure and scope of the workshop, as well as the number of participants enrolled.
  • Process:
  1. Parents: identify the desired topic.
    Examples: Organization Skills Bootcamp, Time Management, Homework Management, Algebra I, Math Facts, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, EF Bonanza! (Time Management, Organization, and Learning Skills overview).

    Sample content covered in an Organization Skills Bootcamp:
    - Students set goals and learn how to:

    • Get organized for school success
    • Plan an efficient study routine
    • Create a schedule to use their time effectively
    • Prioritize like a pro
    • Leverage their learning styles and power
    • Develop effective, personalized methods for organization
  2. Gather friends/community.
    Gather a small group and coordinate schedules with us. A minimum of three participants and a definitive schedule and location are required to hold a workshop. Workshops can be a one-time, one day (3-4 hour) event, or a series of sessions (several meetings spread out over several weeks or several sessions within the same week).

  3. Contact MLC to schedule the workshop and register participants.

    As the organizer, you will receive a 10% discount. Paid registration from all participants must be received three weeks prior to the workshop's first date.  We cannot provide refunds for missed sessions.

    Contact us for more information at:


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