The Attention Engine

12/7/17 2:26 PM

Here's one of our favorite new resources to share.  Have you heard of pediatric psychologist Dr. Lynne Kelley?  She helps professionals and parents improve children's thinking, self-regulation, behavior and learning. Dr. Kelley has wonderful articles and resources for Executive Functioning (EF) building, based on teaching kids about their brains and how they work, plus strategies to developing their EF capacities. Her activities emphasize, music, rhythm, movement, creativity, communication, exercise and nutrition. Teaching kids about how their brain works and what to do to activate the parts of their brain that are needed for new demands and functions is essential to empowering their growth and development.
Dr. Kelley has created a great collection of activities, printables, strategies and books. We'd like to highlight one for you today. It's about the Attention Cycle and how it moves through different stages in people.  No one focuses 100% of the time. Dr. Kelley's metaphor of the Attention Engine (and the cycle within it) is interesting, accessible, and fun. We encourage you to check out her article, to learn more at: 
Ali Meyers

Written by Ali Meyers

Ali holds a Master of Arts in Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis and Bachelors of Arts in English Language and Literature and Modern Hebrew Language from the University of Michigan. She graduated with highest distinction from both universities. Washington University selected her as an Outstanding Practicum Winner in her clinical graduate work with families. Ali has taught young people with a wide range of learning strengths and challenges in educational settings for over 18 years. Her extensive experience teaching time management, study, and organizational skills to students from elementary to college levels has prompted parent groups, schools, corporations, and the National Tutoring Association to host Ali as a featured speaker. Ali’s teaching focuses on helping students realize and leverage their unique assets while confronting weak areas with practical tools and a supportive, caring attitude. Ali's focus areas at Meyers Learning Center include leadership, recruitment, curriculum development, community outreach, and resource support to staff and families. Outside of work, Ali leads a writing and healing group at Stanford Cancer Center's Supportive Care Program. She also loves to hike, read, write, and play with her teenage kids.